This trip mostly revolved around the renovation of our mission house ‘Metanoia’. Almost two weeks of hard physical work has resulted in some great changes! We have painted the corridor and kitchen, wallpapered the largest room in which we have also painted the ceiling and changed four windows. We even took care of a tree by doing a bit of pruning. We spent many hours putting together kitchen cupboards but unfortunately we ran out of time to fix them on the walls. But we did manage to do something that we had not actually planned to do, that was a general tidy up around the house. Apart from working on the house, we also devoted a lot of our time to things connected to our mission work. Our Education Project has accepted a new person, Valentine. I also made preparations for our Polish doctors’ visit, the third one, which will take place at the end of May / beginning of June this year. During this visit they will be helping inhabitants of three Moldovan villages. At this same time members of the Christian Motorcycling Club ‘Boanerges’ will be travelling with me to Moldova. They will be going there to find out about opportunities to spread the gospel among the motorcycling world. I’ve talked with Denis about starting a football club for kids; with Giena we’re planning to start some games and fun activities for young people; and with Ion we want to organize a kids’ music group. I’ve also started preparations for the summer evangelism which will take place in August. All of this requires talks, meetings, and above all prayer. We also need courage to fulfill God’s will and we need to trust that the finances and all the materials will be there to bring it all together. Thank you to everyone of you who supports our ministry in Moldova, whether it is through prayer or financial or material support. Thank you for your words of encouragement, good advice and all kinds of help which we continually need. Together, though in different ways, we can bring blessing to others. Glory to God! Sincere greetings!

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