Transformed Moldova


In May 2009, during my stay in Moldova for the Global Day of Prayer, the Lord spoke to my heart to pray for a mission house. This would be the lodging place for our teams. It would also enable us to organize conferences, uniting Christians from Poland and Moldova, and would assist our short term mission trips aimed at supporting evangelisation activities and providing help for our Moldovan brothers and sisters

We especially want the mission house to be a place where children, young people and adults can find God’s love, healing and acceptance. It is our dream that prayer and worship shall flow to God from this house every day. We are praying for this mission house to fulfil many important functions and to be a place through which God will act to transform Moldova. That is why we are calling it 'Metanoia'. 

A short explanation of the chart showing our Vision.

Our Vision for a transformed Moldova would result in the characteristics of the Kingdom of God being visible in all spheres of every Moldovan citizen’s life. The basis of our action is combining the efforts of Christians in Poland and Moldova.

There is a primary need to acquire and establish a mission house in Moldova. This base would become the focal point from which all of our actions would spread out. These are concentrated into three key directions: Evangelisation, Pastoral Ministry and Encouraging Unity between Churches.

Evangelisation is the continuation of our current ministry, but enriched with further possibilities. Pastoral Ministry is vital for the strengthening of new and established believers in their spiritual growth and in their churches. Encouraging Unity between Churches requires us to strive for higher values and standards in all of our actions. This is the path along which we want to walk as a Mission, binding us together with our local brothers and sisters.

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Thank you very much! 

Wojciech Borys, the Mission of Children’s Friends director





The Mission of Children’s Friends

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A friend loves
at all times,
and a brother is born
for adversity.

Prov. 17, 17