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Moldova, March 2015 |


This trip was surrounded by difficulties. At one point I even seriously considered calling it off. Other participants in the trip also told me of the difficulties they had experienced just before our departure. But, thanks to God’s grace we set off on Saturday 21 March and returned on Sunday 29th March 2015! This short trip was filled with various kinds of mission work, everyday duties, meetings with children and planning upcoming events. However, the main purpose of our trip was to test the eyesight and hearing of the people of Straseni. The main group who received help were the children from the Children’s Home.

And now I would like to hand over to Hana, who went with us to serve for the second time in Moldova, diagnosing children and adults:

“Yesterday we came back home from Moldova. A good and very intense time. We checked around 270 people, about 120 of these were children from the Children’s Home. We gave out many pairs of glasses and we still need to make up another 120 pairs back here in Poland and get them to those in need as quickly as possible. As we travelled to Moldova this time I was worried that I would not manage emotionally while checking the children from the Children’s Home. We have three children of our own so I am particularly sensitive on this point. I prayed for strength and a little ‘hardness’ to be able to carry out my work properly. God gave me strength, but … on the last day, Thursday, I could not manage any more when I saw a child my son’s age (6 – 7 years). I tested the first boy, crying over him. It must have looked strange …I spent a long time looking into their eyes and the sadness I saw in some of them is impossible to describe … In some of their eyes there were the sparks characteristically found in ‘naughty’ children, others were indifferent, resigned. But all of them deserving love …”

This short account is a very good summary of this trip. Of course, it doesn’t portray all the facts and emotions involved. That would be impossible. It does allow us, though, to become immersed for a moment in the ministry taking place there. I hope this will also call you to prayer, and to seek God’s will. We still need support! We still need more pairs of glasses and hearing aids. 
We thank you so much for all the support you have given our mission to Moldova (MPD)! Thank you for your involvement, time and open heart!

And to God alone, the Good and All-powerful Father, be the glory! With very best wishes!

Wojciech Borys, director of MCF





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Prov. 17, 17