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Unexpectedly, this mission trip lasted 24 days (16.05 - 08.06. 2014). I had thought it would be shorter but, because of problems with the car, we had to stay one week longer. Most of the time in Moldova I had planned on spending preparing for upcoming events and on technical improvements to the ‘Metanoia’ Mission House. The main plan was to finish off the second bathroom. Really, this was the only trip this year during which I could work on practical jobs in the House. Later, I will be too busy with mission work. We managed to tile the walls and the floor in the bathroom, paint the ceiling and install the window frame. We still need to buy all the bathroom fittings.

The extra days we had were spent on an intensive general clean-up and sorting out of the upstairs of the House, as well as sorting out and fixing up the downstairs and the garage. David proved to be invaluable help in all of this! Apart from this, thanks to our brother’s knowledge and careful hand, all the grape vines were pruned and correctly  tied up. We actually spent a lot of time in the garden. The grass needed cutting, trees and vines spraying, and we tasted our first fruits – absolutely delicious cherries! Nothing should be wasted! And we found another way to make use of our resources – we built a compost heap! Praise God!

During all this intense work we also held regular meetings. Children came for the Board Game Club, led by Giena; Denis trained the ‘Metanoia’ Football team; Vova led the home group meeting; meetings with other fellowships were led by Andrean. What makes my heart overflow with joy is the sight of the brothers and sisters that we can serve and also of those to whom the Gospel is preached. The spark of joy in their eyes, happiness, excitement at meeting again and words of thanks are all great motivation for us and help to strengthen our faith!

We also managed to prepare for the doctors’ trip. They are coming to Metanoia from Poland later in June and will spend six days helping the inhabitants of Siriec and Roszkani with ear and eye problems. They will also spend two days in the Clinic in Straszeni. I was also busy preparing for the Village Children’s Evangelism which will happen later this summer in August. There is still much more to do to prepare for this. This year we want to return to the kids in the villages of Sake and Roszkani. The most important aspect is the teaching which must be especially prepared for the particular children we will be meeting with. Then also, people will need to be trained to lead this teaching.

It was a great joy for me to be able to witness Igor’s baptism. He was born again in our House during a home group meeting. As well as participating in this event, I was also able to talk to the leaders of the House Church Movement of Moldova. It turns out that 18 months ago Campus Crusade for Christ missionaries heard about this vision from brothers from Georgia. They decided to transform their young, traditional church into four house churches. Today, in Chisinau alone, there are 12 such house churches. Several times a year they hold baptisms and are growing brilliantly.

On our way back to Poland we were able to deliver books for learning English to Tarnopil in the Ukraine. David and his wife Janet send such books to over twenty countries around the world, including of course, to Moldova.

Many of these things I had not planned to do when leaving this time for Moldova. The problems with the car allowed us to stay longer and carry out these extra jobs. However, we did face two problems. Firstly, the return to Poland – which we did actually manage successfully. Glory to God! Secondly, the need for a newer, more reliable car still needs to be met. A car is a crucial part of our mission work. Because of the age and the condition of our current car, it really needs replacing.  We know and are convinced that the Lord wants us to live in Poland and serve in Moldova, although it is more often the case that missionaries live in the country they are serving.  We also do not exclude such a possibility if God clearly shows us and calls us to this.  For now, however we must plough ahead and face this unexpected challenge head on. Our main prayer request right now is for a better car for our mission work. Please join us in praying for God’s best solution to this problem.

Thank you so much for all your help! For your prayers, financial help, material help, all kinds of encouragement including strength-giving sms’s and emails! We need this help not only as missionaries but also as married couples and families! Please remember also in your prayers Kasia and our children; Hania (9 years old) and Tomek (15 years old)! As a family we rejoice at the privilege of being involved in mission work but we also face the difficulties that this brings. But, thanks to God’s grace, we have people like YOU who give up your time to stand with us in different ways in our mission work. We thank each of you very much for that. We are really grateful for your involvement and the love that you show! Above all else we give God all the praise and may His name be exalted! All things are thanks to Him and through Him!

Wojciech Borys
Director of the Mission of Children’s Friends





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Prov. 17, 17