Famine in Moldova – Appeal for Help

Moldova is a small country situated between Romania and Ukraine. Summer of 2007 was a great disaster for this poor country. This period which is so important to Moldavian agriculture has been the worst in last 60 years. The drought caused huge destruction. According to the government in Kishinev, the capital of Moldova, the food supplies are running out. It is possible that the will be neither grain to sow nor food in shops. The country is threatened with huge famine. In order to provide food safety of the citizens there are thousands of tonnes of flour, potatoes and milk products needed among others. The fodder for animals, fuel and sowing material are also lacking. The draught will influence negatively the condition of the whole economy of Moldova which is the poorest country in Europe anyway. The government of Moldova addressed officially other countries and international organizations for help.

These are the conditions of living of our brothers and sisters who are also affected by this tragic situation and who have right to expect help from their spiritual brothers and sisters from other countries. “Wyjd¼ Naprzeciw” Foundation (the meaning of the Foundation’s name: meet someone halfway) together with Mission of Children’s Friends organised the first food transport to Moldova in December 2007. It was only about 900 kilo of flour, sugar, groats, pasta, and oil. We want to go with another food transport in spring 2008. This time we want it to be 10-15 tonnes of food. Of course a lot depends on the financial possibilities. This is why we kindly ask you to think in prayer about your financial support of this undertaking. Contributions to this purpose can be paid by PayPal system:


We also need information about possibility to buy food inexpensively or to get it for free and about help in carrying the food to Moldova (we will need a TIR truck). We are mainly interested in the following products: flour, pasta, groats, sugar, potatoes, and oil.

Most of all we encourage you to pray for Moldova so that its citizens can experience the love of God and that the Moldovan Church was united and could preach the Gospel boldly, for the God’s leadership and blessing to minister in this country and the wisdom in planning and supporting its citizens. We believe that everything we can do is the result of our collective prayer.

Wojciech Borys
Director of The Mission of Children’s Friends





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