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Adrian and Wojtek 

July 2016 |

As you know, we have been running Educational Projects in Moldova for many years. This involves providing the possibility, mostly for young people, to gain an education and a profession. We would like to add another young person to our Project – Adrian.

Adrian is our brother in Christ. He comes from a Christian family, with whom he lives in the village of Fagureni (with his mum, grandma and aunt). I have known him personally for 8 years. He is a young, 22 year old lad. Due to various reasons he has only managed to complete vocational school, as a bricklayer. Currently he works on the night watch in the Christian Rehabilitation Centre which provides care for disabled children. The Centre is run by our friend, pastor of the church in Fagureni, Petru Chirica.

Adrian’s dream is to be a photographer. There is even a possibility that he could work for a certain newspaper. He could also open his own business and make money by providing photographic and video-film services for weddings and other special occasions. However, he has neither the skills nor the equipment required for this work. But, we can help! In Chisinau there is a Photography School which runs a three month course in photography and film. Here is the web address: http://www.fotomax.md/ro/fotoshkola

Adrian needs his own camera both to learn and practice with, and later to work with. The total cost for the training and equipment needed is 4000zl. Adrian’s family are unable to help him financially. Our Mission fund’s Educational Project could currently cover only 25% of the cost …

I would like to put out a request for help, for you to consider the possibility of supporting Adrian’s training! Maybe you could help financially? Perhaps you have a camera ( a digital reflex camera) that you could sell at a reasonable price, or even perhaps donate to Adrian?

We are also considering the possibility of bringing Adrian to Poland to enable him to improve his qualifications and get to know the standards of this profession. Perhaps you would be able to take him in and spend some time helping him understand the tricks of the trade of the photographer?

My dear friends! I really believe that the help we provide for Adrian will be a great investment. I would like to myself, and on behalf of Adrian, thank you for your support. Every little helps! Please also pray for Adrian! We are praying together for God’s blessing on this new enterprise!

Please send any donations for this project to our Mission account:


Please add the description „Foto Adrian”. 

If you have any kind of question, or perhaps a suggestion, then please contact me! I would be only too happy to clarify everything. Very warm greetings!

Wojciech Borys




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