Educational Project – Moldova
Welcome to pages which present “Educational Project – Moldova”. We are grateful you visited our site. We encourage you to get to know the idea of the Project. The aim of the Project is to help Moldovan children in gaining good education. Our values are based on Christian love. We want to help people from one of the poorest countries in Europe in a practical way. We are sure that educating talented but poor children can change the course of their lives and it will enable them to break away from the extreme poverty. 

Igor Emanuela Ania Lena Tudor Vasilij

Olga Giena Liliana Anfisa Valentina Denis

Practically we implement the Project by looking for funds and financing education of specific children. We look for talented children in Moldovan villages. 

Their parents have no possibility to send them to good schools to get education which could rise their social and economical status in the future. The annual maintenance cost of one child is about 500€. We provide detailed information to anyone who contacts us. 

The Mission of Children’s Friends is supported by the prayer and financial support. We thank everyone who prays for our ministry and/or gives us offerings which make it possible to run our ministry. Most of all we are grateful to God who called us to this work and still uses us in the missionary ministry.  
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The Mission of Children’s Friends

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A friend loves
at all times,
and a brother is born
for adversity.

Prov. 17, 17