Thanks to God’s grace the Board Games Club began meeting in our Mission House ‘Metanoia’ in October 2013!

The club is run by our brother in Christ, Giena, who is a great board game enthusiast and whose heart is also full of love for children! For now we have games of chess and draughts. We really believe that the club will develop and that there will be more games, for more children.

The Board Games Club is part of the project connected with the Mission House ‘Metanoia’ which is run by MPD. We want children to be able to develop physically and mentally; for them to be able to spend their free time in an interesting and active way; for them to experience joy and for them to learn together through games and movement. However, most of all we want that through relationships and spending time in a Christian atmosphere they could hear the Gospel and accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.

My heart is full of great thankfulness and amazement for the Lord God and for His great work! Without a doubt it was He who orchestrated this new good work and He who allows our ministry in Moldova to continue to develop. Not long ago the ‘Metanoia’ Football Club was founded and now the Board Games Club has begun! I am so happy that our Mission House has become a place for people to meet and a place of God’s work.  Although the house still needs more renovation and improvements, it is already fulfilling its mission and ministry role!


Maybe the Lord is touching your heart to put your hand to this good work? If so, we will be extremely grateful for your help!

At the moment our greatest needs are:

1/ Prayer

2/ Chess clocks

3/ Financial support

The financial support goes towards buying more board games, preparing snacks for the children and for buying motivational rewards for the kids’ lessons.


The Mission of Children’s Friends is supported by the prayer and financial support. We thank everyone who prays for our ministry and/or gives us offerings which make it possible to run our ministry. Most of all we are grateful to God who called us to this work and still uses us in the missionary ministry.  
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The Mission of Children’s Friends

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  Let’s go to children together!

A friend loves
at all times,
and a brother is born
for adversity.

Prov. 17, 17